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I really, really, really, really, really, really [etc] miss the Dismemberment Plan and thus…
You are invited to a ‘Dismemberment Plan’ party. What is a Dismemberment Plan party? Let me tell you a bit about it.

We will listen and sing-along to Plan records, CDs, tapes, bootlegs, etc. We will share our favourite Plan memories. We will drink champagne and clear, expensive drinks. We will have a competition to see who can imitate Travis Morrison’s sweet on-stage moves; extra points if you can pull off the face AND the hot hip action. You are also invited to help me compile a lengthy list of ideas for ways to reunite the Plan. We will have a fully amazing time. And that’s just the start.

You can wear a full-out costume [there are so many possibilities] or you can wear a shiny shirt or a nice, pink push-up bra or too much liptstick, etc. You can bring champagne or black coffee or clear, expensive drinks and such. You can also bring your Plan shiz. Anything remotely rare should be shared with everyone; we all want to hear it. Essentially, if you love the Plan even an ounce as much as I do, you need to be at this shindig because it’s going to be a night of Plan-love. Ya dig?

Technical details:
Saturday, November 26th at Wuthering Depths at 7pm
Wuthering Depths is located at the corner of the 86th and 26th in Loyal Heights [Seattle, WA]. It is a yellow house with a white top. Go through the driveway and through the fence and down the stairs to the blue light basement.

I hope you can make it. It’s never just another Saturday night; not with you in attendance.
RSVP to: alina[at]mtfujirecords[dot]com

xo alina airheart
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