Tired of Being Ugly Fat? (thereceivingend) wrote in fansoftheplan,
Tired of Being Ugly Fat?

attn: San Diegans

Two guitars/singers (19 and 20) + drums (21) seek bass (around our ages).

Ability to sing/scream a plus, though not necessary.

If you want to become some big fucking shit rockstar, this is not for you.

The ways we operate:
Release records in the post-punk DIY mindset, charging enough to recoup expenses and to provide gas and food money. Play out and tour as much as possible. Avoid corporations, major labels, commercial radio, MTV, etc. Operate primarily as artists, putting the music itself first and the peripherals second. Maintain as much artistic integrity as possible, via songwriting and experimentation. Treat everyone with as much respect as he or she deserves, no more, no less. Operate as far outside the music scene as possible. Take no shit in the process.

We thoroughly enjoy Angel Hair, Arab on Radar, Boilermaker, Cap'n Jazz, City of Caterpillar, a Day in Black and White, the Dismemberment Plan, Drive Like Jehu, Engine Down, Envy, Explosions in the Sky, Failure, Fugazi, Funeral Diner, Hum, Husker Du, Isis, Jawbox, Jawbreaker, Joy Division, June of 44, Mineral, Mission of Burma, Mogwai, My Bloody Valentine, Pelican, Rumah Sakit, Shellac, Sleater-Kinney, Slint, Sonic Youth, Speedking, Sunny Day Real Estate, Swing Kids, Texas is the Reason, Under a Dying Sun, Unwound, Xiu Xiu... well, you probably get the jist of things by now.

Reply here or email saltoncity@hotmail.com if you have interest. Thanks for reading. B'bye!

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